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"My boys have had the opportunity to experience that learning is fun from an early age."

- Mary - Victoria Avenue Parent


Canada Bay Children’s Services provides high quality care and education to children from birth to five years of age, delivering innovative, inclusive, and meaningful experiences for well-rounded learning and development. We are committed to continual quality improvement and strive for excellence in practice.

In-class Technology

August 6, 2016

Fresh Meals Daily

August 6, 2016

Play & Learn

August 6, 2016

Happy, Healthy Children

August 6, 2016

Dedicated staff
Happy children
Community connections
Green projects

Play-Based Learning

Our experienced staff members strive to be leaders in the field, advocating the role of learning through play and ensuring that children are seen as capable, involved learners.

Education and Curriculum

Through ongoing professional development, our educators take pride in offering an exciting and evolving curriculum that responds to the richness of the lives of our community.

Our Sustainable Commitment

Natural and recycled materials are used widely at our centres to promote wonder, curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. We encourage sustainable practices and a connection to nature and community.

Transition to School

Our program provides children with an understanding of the routines and structures that exist within a school environment, helping them to make a smooth organisational, social and cognitive transition into school.

Munch & Move

Munch and Move is a Government initiative encouraging model behaviours for children during meal times and throughout the day. We provide a healthy, balanced menu and ensure that your children are active, engaging and learning for their optimal growth and development.

Fresh Meals Daily

We pride ourselves on our menu with high quality food products, ensuring that quality, taste and nutrition always come first. We promote a balanced, healthy diet and limit the consumption of saturated fats and sugar.

“It gives me peace of mind knowing that my children are in a place where they are happy and cared for. Everyone knows each other, which gives it a lovely community feel.”

Smaragda, Wellbank Parent

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