Moving and shaking

“Only a few short weeks after we started at Wellbank, I knew it was the best decision. All the good things I’d heard were true.”

Karen - Wellbank Parent

Raising healthy, positive children

Munch & Move is a Government initiative where educators model appropriate behaviours for children during meal times and throughout the day. The Munch & Move program has three core components:

Munch: Focusing on what we eat, mealtime patterns and encouraging positive and healthy attitudes towards food.

Move: Developing and practising fine movement skills such as skipping, jumping and catching a ball.

Reduce screen time: This component aims to encourage children and families to turn off the television, iPad or a video game and be outdoors. It aims at getting us involved in physical activity, reducing the amount of time that a child or adult is sedentary.

The 6 key messages within the program:
– Choose water as a drink
– Eat more fruit and vegetables
– Choose healthier snacks
– Get active each day
– Turn off the television and computer and get active
– Encourage and support breastfeeding

We provide a healthy, balanced menu that supports a variety of cultural backgrounds as well as nutritional values, and ensure that your children are engaging and learning for their optimal growth and development.