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The City of Canada Bay operates two Exceeding Industry Standard Long Day Care Cares and advocates for high quality education and care for all children and families.

Experienced educators at both centres worked collaboratively to develop a professional development program tailored around Quality Area 6 of the National Quality Framework. This educational opportunity was then offered to other early childhood educators to attend.

The Professional Development workshop took the participants on a journey in how the educators have built and maintained collaborative partnerships with their families and the community across both services.

The workshop was a great way for the experienced educators to share their knowledge and expertise plus mentor their participants on a range of topics including how to:

* Develop and maintain relationships

* Provide opportunities for family involvement

* Support families

* Facilitate successful transitions

* Understand the process of access, inclusion and participation

* Engage with the community

* Incorporate social media

* Recognise the rights of the child within practice

* Embed social justice initiatives

This workshop provided practical networking opportunities and resources to those who attended. City of Canada Bay Children’s Services aims to keep running this session throughout the year as the educators believe it is imperative that they continue spreading their knowledge far and wide.


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