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Since 2017, Victoria Avenue Children’s Centre has introduced yoga classes to our children on a weekly basis with an aim to enable children to access and integrate all aspects of their true nature – body, mind and spirit during authentic and meaningful experiences. It is believed that yoga can not only enhance physical flexibility, refine balance and coordination, but also develop focus and boost self-esteem.


In our Centre, we focus on letting the children have fun with the movement, not on practising perfectly aligned poses. Our yoga classes are designed and planned in various ways to cater for the energy levels and learning styles of different age groups. Every month, we have different focuses based on the children’s interests. For example, to extend children’s interest in animals, we have been practising animal poses such as downward facing dog, upward facing dog, cat/cow, baby cobra and butterfly poses.  Children were able to engage their minds to deepen their awareness during the practice while having fun pretending to be one of the animals. We have also introduced partner yoga to our children to let them further develop stronger relationship with their educators and peers. 


By the end of each yoga class, our children are invited to participate in a short meditation by either lying down on their backs or sitting up with their legs crossed in front. During the meditation, they are encouraged to keep their eyes closed, focus on their breath and be relaxed. Meditation teaches children that relaxation is not only allowed, it is encouraged. It was amazing to see that some of our little ones were able to stay still and quiet throughout the whole process.


By adding yoga class as an extra curriculum at Victoria Avenue Children’s Centre, our children have the opportunity to be exposed to yoga practise and become familiar with the basic poses. We have  noticed that our children are learning to manipulate their bodies in different ways and maximise their mobility. They also seem to be calmer and more relaxed after practising. Well done!

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