Fresh Food Daily

“Thank you, Elsie, for the lovely food that my daughters love so much.”

Raquel Hermosilla - Victoria Avenue Parent

Fresh, seasonal meals every day

We provide every child with morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack, prepared onsite by our qualified chefs. We promote a balanced, healthy diet and provide meals made from fresh produce, ensuring that quality, taste and nutrition always come first. Our menu is based on the Australian Government Guidelines and dietary guidelines for children and adolescents, offering a wide variety of nutritional foods that satisfy children’s appetites, interests and culture.

We cater for children with a range of dietary needs, including allergies and cultural requirements. Our chefs hold a certificate for asthma and anaphylaxis training and undertake their own professional research to look for safe food alternatives for the children in our care. Our four-week cyclical menu is reviewed every six months with input from the children, families and staff to allow for an Autumn/Winter menu and a Spring/Summer menu.