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- Michael - Victoria Avenue Parent

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Positions at our childcare centres are offered based on priority access guidelines. These will consider days we have available, your child’s age, and the date a waitlist application is received. To join our waitlist, please click on the links below.

Additional Information

Due to the unpredictable nature of waitlists, staff are unable to provide an estimated time of when a position will be offered or guarantee that a placement will be available when the family requires care.
Priority is given to siblings of children who are currently enrolled at the centre. In these cases the sibling must be on the waitlist for a minimum period of 12 months and meet the priority of access guidelines. Our waitlist is updated annually.
Please note that application forms must be filled out in full and incomplete forms cannot be accepted. Unanswered waitlist letters will be removed from the list. CCBCS will provide families with two working days to respond to an offer of placement before they are returned to the waitlist and the position offered to the next family on the list.
Families are responsible for informing the centre of any changes to address, phone number, work place and telephone number, change in care needs, birth of a child, change of priority of access status.

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