Families + Community = Belonging

“Just want to say thank you. There are so many opportunities for families to get involved at the centre. We feel like it is our second home. ”

Stef - Wellbank Parent

Family and Community Participation

We embrace the significance of connectedness in relation to all our children and their families. With an open door policy, our centres welcome families to share in our enthusiasm for the learning journeys their children undertake. Families are invited to several information nights throughout the year where aspects of the centre’s program and planning are communicated. Topics of interest to families are regularly offered, such as ‘Transition to School’ or ‘Guiding Children’s Behaviour’ information sessions.

Indigenous Inclusion

Connections to community play a significant role in the daily program and activities at our centres. The City of Canada Bay is part of the traditional lands of the Wangal clan, one of the 29 tribes of the Eora nation. Indigenous culture and tradition and a connection to the Wangal people is embedded within our collective curriculum.


We aim to have a large presence within our local community. We plan regular excursions into the local community, drawing on the children’s interests as an extension of their learning. We invite members of the local community into the centres, such as the local seniors group, untilise local business as a source of providing recycled materials for the children to use in their play, and initiate community projects that encourage people from the local community to grow and learn with us.

Social and Cultural Events

Our Children’s Services Centres are bustling hubs of social activity, where our families embrace opportunities to share social and cultural events. Grandparents’ afternoon tea, family picnic night, and Harmony Day celebrations are just some of the examples of interactive participation between our children, families and educators.

Health Screening

Children’s Health is of utmost importance to us and we believe that early intervention and pre-screening is the most effective way to integrate children and prepare them for their lives. Aligning ourselves with NSW Health allows us to provide children from the age of four with free eye screenings each year. This opportunity allows any sight issues to be identified and processes put in place for children with vision impairment. Our associated speech pathologists provide early speech screening from the age of three and centres are able to incorporate speech exercises into the daily routine where necessary.