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Celebrating Aboriginal Australia in Early Learning


Kelly and Niki, experienced educators from Victoria Avenue Children’s Centre facilitated a professional development workshop alongside Sydney Olympic Park Officer Aunty Kim on Thursday 26th July at the Murama Arts and Cultural Education Centre located at Newington Armory.

This interactive and practical workshop was delivered to equip other early childhood professionals with the tools and knowledge to authentically infuse Aboriginal history and culture into their programs.

The participants were invited to go on a journey together and learn about how they could implement a range of experiences in their classroom. Participants were able to be engaged with a number of learning experiences on the day including listening to a dreaming story, music, dance, food, native art experiences and traditional children’s games.

Kelly and Niki outlined specific teaching strategies, resources, questions, discussions points for the participants to include when teaching these experiences in their classrooms. Aunty Kim contributed to this by explaining the authentic Aboriginal history and culture behind each activity.

This workshop was a great way for all of the participants to network and learn from each other. We believe that by implementing aspects of our Aboriginal program into classrooms, many children will build their own knowledge of and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, perspectives and culture.

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