Our Philosophy

We believe that each child is unique with diverse needs, abilities, talents, interests, family structures, cultures, beliefs and values.
We respect each child by implementing a developmentally appropriate, child centred, play based, educational program which reflects diversity and inclusive practices. We support each child’s learning via an “ongoing cycle that includes planning, documenting and evaluating” (Belonging, Being, Becoming; pg. 17).
We believe that play is the essential medium for providing children with the opportunity to practise skills, absorb new knowledge, and learn about their world. We will facilitate play as an important learning tool in the development of children, by creating an environment where interactions promote imagination, imitation, and socialisation.
We acknowledge children, families and staff as partners in creating a learning community that supports the wellbeing, development and education of all children. We aim to provide the optimal environment through a partnership between families, centre staff and the wider community, and actively encourage participation and input into the Centre program and operation.
We believe that by maintaining positive relationships between families and staff, and creating an environment which represents and respects all stakeholders contributes to a sense of security and belonging.
We believe that children are competent learners, and we will promote children’s potential through intentional teaching, supporting, guiding, praising and encouraging them to make their own decisions in an atmosphere of emotional and physical security which allows time for choice, fun, growth, play and active participation.
We recognise that “children, families, and early childhood educators all contribute to successful transitions between settings” (Belonging, Being & Becoming; pg. 16).
We believe in the importance of promoting and implementing environmental sustainable practices into the Centres operations. We aim to take an active role in contributing to a sustainable future and fostering awareness, respect and appreciation for the natural environment.
We recognise and value our staff as professionals, and recognise and respect the different skills, backgrounds and experiences that each member contributes to the team.
We provide ongoing staff development to advance progress and extend skills in the early childhood practice.
We also believe that the philosophy of the Centre needs to evolve as new insights are gained and practice is evaluated.
Reference: Belonging, Being and Becoming; The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia; 2009