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The Green Room children (0-2 age group) from the Victoria Avenue Children’s Centre had their very first excursion to our local Bicentennial Park! It was an extremely exciting experience for the children, the families and the educators. It took us almost half a year to prepare our children to be well equipped with the excursion skills, such as holding onto the excursion rope in a line, following instructions, and staying together as a group. Our families were very supportive in the excursion plan. We greatly appreciated our grandparent volunteers who helped in assisting the whole excursion process. We are aiming to facilitate and build connections to the wider community with our younger children, getting them to have and awareness and understanding of their reciprocal rights and responsibilities as a citizen.

As the EYLF describes—

“Experiences of participation in communities contribute to children’s belonging, being and becoming.”

Written by Erica Chen

Vanessa Huh

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