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At Victoria Avenue, the Orange room children (2-3 year olds) are currently investigating the following provocation,

“I wonder what a seed is?”

This provocation has opened up many questions and learning opportunities, provoking children to think why a fruit has a seed/s, what we can do with them and comparing the vast array of different seeds. During this learning process, the children have been able to engage with each other, sharing and scaffolding on each other’s knowledge, whist having a hands on approach to their learning. We have been able to use the collected seeds in planting, dissecting it, learning why some seeds grow and why some have died, watching the process of growth and also learning about the wider community in regards to, where does our fruit comes from? Parent and families have been invited to take part by continually looking at the fruit/s they eat at home and bringing any findings to share with the rest of the group. Children have been bringing in a piece of fruit on a regular basis also, which has added to the excitement of participation and learning.

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